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“With an ominous echo of Orwell’s 1984, Hugo Bonjean’s provocative novel exposes the ‘terminator’ values beneath today’s complex global crises, challenging us to live with courage and compassion to create a more just and sustainable world.”
—Diane Dreher, professor of English, Santa Clara University and bestselling author of The Tao of Inner Peace and Your Personal Renaissance.

Hugo Bonjean has held executive positions with some of the best global hotel corporations across the planet, but his experiences in the slums of Latin America transformed him into a crusader for sustainability: economical, political, environmental and spiritual.  Bonjean now uses the power of storytelling through his writing, presenting and new media business, to engage people in social and environmental action.

To book an interview or presentation with Hugo please contact Jessilyn Yuhas at Eagle Vision Publishing at (403) 971 5077 or e-mail

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