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Praise for Seeds …of Germination …or Termination

In 1987, when I first heard the chemical and biotechnology industry lay out its plan for GMO’s and patents on life, it sounded like a vision based on totalitarian rule and bio imperialism. I made a choice for life. I started Navdanya to save seeds and keep biodiversity in the commons.

Hugo Bonjean’s Seeds …of Germination …or Termination is a wake-up call from the future – to make the choices today that will defend our freedoms tomorrow.”

Dr. Vandana Shiva, physicist, environmental activist and author of Earth Democracy; Justice, Sustainability, and Peace and Manifestos on the Future of Food and Seed.

Seeds takes us on a gripping chase through the futuristic world of 2084 as two courageous individuals combat a mega-corporation’s dark plot to dominate the world with genetically modified terminator seeds. With an ominous echo of Orwell’s 1984, Hugo Bonjean’s provocative novel exposes the ‘terminator’ values beneath today’s complex global crises, challenging us to live with courage and compassion to create a more just and sustainable world.”

Diane Dreher, professor of English, Santa Clara University and bestselling author of The Tao of Inner Peace and Your Personal Renaissance.

Seeds is a heart-stopping story of one woman's courage in the face of evil. Set in the near future, the seed industry is controlled by one corporation with the power of life and death over an entire planet. If anyone thinks this is far-fetched, ask the small farmers and peasants in India or Brazil who controls their lives and crops today. Seeds is prescient and moving. A great story!”

Maude Barlow, chair of the Council of Canadians, activist and bestselling author of Blue Gold: The Battle Against Corporate Theft of the World’s Water and Blue Covenant: The Global Water Crisis and the Fight for the Right to Water.

A plot to rule the world by the most evil of corporations sets the stage for encounters with a fascinating variety of experimental communities. Demonstrates the range of human possibility and stirs the imagination.”

David Korten, bestselling author of When Corporations Rule the World and The Great Turning: From Empire to Earth Community.

Although set in the year 2084, Seeds is a tight, well-written suspense novel that is as poignant and as relevant today as it will continue to be for many years to come … reading it will leave you both shaken and stirred.”

Synchronicity Magazine.

Never before have I read a book so inspirational and, at the same time, so entertaining I couldn’t put it down. Bonjean paints a compelling picture of the different worlds humans can still choose between, and how, as we say at Sustainable Harvest International, we can still plant the seeds for a better tomorrow.”

Florence Reed, founder, Sustainable Harvest International.

"Seeds is a fascinating read nearly too late in coming as the focus on corporate profit has stripped humanity of its conscience. A Tribal Prophesy warns that the White brother will find the blueprint of life itself and will turn loose on The Nature something that will seem to be harmless but will bring great harm on the Grandchildren. Seeds alerts us to how close we are to the fulfillment of this prophecy and delivers a call to return to the Teachings of the Sacredness of ALL Things."

Woodrow Morrison, Haida elder.

Seeds is a lesson in responsibility, leadership, and relationships, bringing with it wisdoms of the earth. The storytelling of this adventure captivates, moves and amuses. A great read for anyone interested in sustainability and the present and future state of the world's natural food supply.”

Eve Zarifa, activist, producer.

Seeds illustrates the diversity of human values alongside the striking reality that, despite our differences, we all depend on the earth and the food it provides. It is an exciting read that will cause timely reflections about culture, big business and the future of life on our planet.”

Kathryn Kuchapski, biologist.

Hugo's captive storytelling again lures in my imagination leaving me to ponder the power of little actions against the big picture. Is it fiction or future reality? It is so bad, yet so hopeful. The hope is in me... to stand up against the seemingly impossible. I feel like David with my slingshot loaded. Seeds, like In The Eyes of Anahita, helped me believe the power is within to be the change.”

Daren McClean, designer for sustainability.

Seeds is in one word - fantastic. This book will create a lot of stir!! It is a difficult task to write about the possible truths of our future from a position of commitment but still sound human and honest, and Hugo Bonjean does this again. Bonjean writes with such passion and relevancy you cannot help but get caught up in the urgency of the consequences of our choices. Seeds is a journey through a future that feels not only real, but reachable. Bonjean challenges us to be the change for the Earth our children will inherit. We are left with hope and the challenge of change.”

Robin Grimstead, development advisor/aid worker.

Seeds touches upon a critical issue for all of us who want to continue eating food and are concerned about the fate of farmers worldwide. If anything, the issues facing Terminator Technology are even more dangerous as the world's biggest corporations move to develop Zombie seeds that can only be brought back to life by buying the companies’ chemicals.”

Pat Mooney, executive director, ETC Group.

Hugo, I finished reading Seeds almost two weeks ago now.  I found it a difficult book to put down, as you have managed to combine a gripping storyline with strong themes of morality, spirituality, and the human condition.  Although the act of reading it is now over for me, thoughts of the intriguing ideas that you have presented in Seeds remain. Seeds will awaken many to the issues of where our world is, where it could be headed, and what some of the better alternatives might look like.  To continue the theme of Seeds...when people read this, seeds of thought will be planted...and in some, those seeds will flower into an idea or action that will make the world a better place with a brighter future! Kudos!” 


Ryan Phillips, world traveler.

Seeds is an astonishing book. A very well written, clever story of many important issues that need to be addressed, spirituality, women’s rights, the environment and most importantly the development of ‘terminator seeds.’ A great book that draws out emotions in the reader; sorrow, humor, compassion, frustration, love, all of which are encompassed in Seeds. This is an extremely eye-opening, soul-searching read suitable for any audience. Highly recommended! Congratulations Hugo on another amazing book!”

Curtis Shannon, fan of In the Eyes of Anahita.

"Socially: a wake-up call; philosophically: valuable questioning of the paradigms surrounding us; politically: thought-provoking, controversial; in social psychology: examples of a self-fulfilling prophecy, you get what you strive for, as individual and as community. Seeds encompasses all that, it graciously makes one think, question, challenge the level of comfort one is willing to give up to come to terms with nature, while relying more on one’s self, one's talents, one's spirit."

Sara Pelizer, financial trader.

I found Seeds to be both thought-provoking and difficult to put down. With a handful of corporations controlling much of the world’s agriculture and food supply the premise put forward by Hugo is not beyond the realm of possibility. We must remain vigilant and remember that we are all neighbors, and what affects one affects us all. A must read for anyone in agriculture.”

Tony Campbell, rancher.

Seeds is a thought-provoking and thoroughly enthralling story that underscores the connection between ethical behavior and environmental consciousness.”

Tom Pitoulis, teacher.

Congratulations Hugo on another thought provoking book. The threat of terminator seeds is a wake up call for all of us. The alternative future you portray is both dark and enlightening at the same time. The juxtaposition of the US corporate world verses the cooperative Canadian world should spark many a heated debate among your readers. The book is truly a call to action, we can either be bs'd into submission or we can educate and cooperate the choice is ours. A thoroughly enjoyable read!”

Gary Boyle, artist and wanna be activist

I finished reading your book last week and have been thinking and absorbing the content since.  I enjoyed it and read it as the adventure it was firstly.  The message I have been absorbing quietly since.  At no time in history has it become more imperative for all of us to pay attention to how we live our lives.  Seeds paints a very frightening scenario for a futuristic society where the singular goal of an economic power is simply about power and control!   There is no respect for the planet and its myriad of inhabitants and life forms!   Power for power's sake, has historically always been a backward formula for long term success.   The choices we make today, the dreams we hold dear and what environmental footprints we leave behind will surely impact the world.  What impact will we make?  We all need to take responsibility.   To quote one of my favorite historical leaders, Gandhi, "we must be the change we want to see in the world.”  Perhaps never before has that statement been so profound as today.  How joyful it would be, if we all work together letting these dreams take root......dreams mired in respect for all the intricate, beautiful forms of life that make up our planet.
 Hugo, rest assured you are making a strong and healthy impact.   One person at a time.   We might not all be able to write books to further healthy global concerns and offer up solutions, but we can all help in some small capacity. 
Seeds.....it is a wonderful second book to follow your first.” 

Seija Webb, book club member. 

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