About the Author

Hugo Bonjean was born in Antwerp, Belgium.  As a critical thinker with a strong sense for humanitarian issues and justice, he decided to study Social and Political Sciences at the University of Louvain.  However, when he realized that a world revolving around money could only become sustainable through understanding and adjusting its driving economics, he changed direction and graduated in Antwerp with a B.S. in Accounting, thereafter completing his M.B.A. at the European University.  After a few accounting jobs in the manufacturing industry, he joined Holiday Inn in a strategic development role.  This was the beginning of a fast-paced twelve-year career that took Hugo all over the world. 

When Marriott International appointed Hugo to the position of Vice President of Operations & Development for one of their divisions in Latin America, his firsthand experiences with poverty there rekindled the humanitarian values of his teens.  After two years in this role he decided to dedicate the rest of his life to help shift the world towards sustainable models of living—economical, political, social, environmental and spiritual.

When his first book, In the Eyes of Anahita, made a life-changing impact on many readers, he became aware of the power of storytelling and he is now using that vehicle to engage people in social and environmental action.
Hugo is the chair of Sustainable Harvest International – Canada, a charity that educates farmers in Central America about sustainable farming practices in order to restore the rainforest and improve their lifestyles.  Hugo lives with his family in the Rocky Mountain foothills near Calgary, Canada.  He recharges his batteries while riding his horse in the backcountry.

Check out Hugo's website at www.hugobonjean.com

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